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What is Oral Turinabol ?

Oral Turinabol is a unique type of anabolic steroid. It is a mix of methandrostenolone and Clostebol. This crossing creates a steroid with both a strong anabolic effect and a minimization of the androgenic properties. Oral Turinabol has an interesting history. Oral Turinabol was first put on sale in 1962 by the company Jenapharm from East Germany. The steroid was praised for its minor side effects and for decades was used not only in men, but also in women and children. Turinabol has been proven effective in building muscle mass and protecting bone mass without causing serious side effects.

Doping scandal of Oral Turinabol

Nevertheless, Turinabol would gain worldwide fame in the nineties of the last century by becoming known for a large East German steroid scandal. From 1974 to 1989, what would later become known as the East German Doping Machine, East Germany, his athletes were systematically administering anabolic steroids. This was cheating and was also undetectable, as steroids were not traceable in the blood at this time. The State Plan Research Theme 14.25, as the official name was, also used epitestosterone during this period to cover up any blood testosterone levels in tests during this period.Takeover by ScheringAs soon as Oral Turinabol was identified as an important part of the East German scandal in 1994, Jenapharm stopped production. For two years the pharmaceutical German powerhouse Schering, the manufacturers of steroids such as Primobolan, Testoviron and Proviron, bought Jenapharm and they chose not to re-cast Oral Turinabol. Since then there has not been a single large company that manufactured Turinabol and it has quickly become an anabolic steroid that is only available on the black market.

Chemical composition of Oral Turinabol

Oral Turinabol, with the chemical structure 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone, is actually a modified form of Dianabol (or methandrostenolone), which itself is a derivative of testosterone. The chemical composition of Oral Turinabol is very simple. The compound simply consists of the testosterone hormone with an extra double bond added to the first and second carbon atoms. This changes the anabolic and androgenic proportions towards the anabolic ratios. It also has a chlorine group on the fourth carbon atom, so the hormone is inhibitory in aromatization and the androgenic nature is further reduced. A further change is the addition of an additional methyl group on the seventeenth carbon atom, which protects the agent during oral application. Due to this change, Turinabol is officially classified as a C17-alpha-alkylated (C17-aa) androgenic anabolic steroid.

Active properties of Turinabol

The active properties of Turinabol are very simple. Like the vast majority of anabolic steroids, it has a beneficial effect on the synthesis of protein, the increase of red blood cells and nitrogen retention. This is important because they improve the user’s anabolic capabilities. Protein is the most important building block in the production and repair of muscles. An accelerated synthesis increases the speed with which cells can use the proteins. Nitrogen is important in maintaining a more favorable anabolic state in the body. The red blood cells are responsible for the transport of oxygen through the body via the bloodstream. If there are more red blood cells in the body, there is also more oxygen in the body, which increases muscle strength. These properties also all ensure accelerated recovery of your body.

Orale turinabole is not aromatizing

Although these anabolic properties are all present when using Turinabol, they are not as strong as they can be when using other types of anabolic steroids. Yet they remain remarkable and generally favorable. A big advantage of Turinabol, however, is that it does not aromatize and shows only a slight androgenic activity. This can have many benefits for those who want to make progress without burdening the body too much.

Oral Turinabole and SHBG

The gentle character of Turinabol makes its use very popular, but there is a further feature that makes the use attractive. Turinabol significantly reduces the levels of sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). This ability is shared with a number of other anabolic steroids, but is by no means as strong as Turinabol. This reduction in SHBG effectively provides an extra amount of available testosterone. What is perhaps still important is that you can use other steroids without further increase of the doses while you can still get more out of it. This is caused by the beneficial effects of Turinabol. It is therefore ideal for stacking.

Side effects of Turinabol

We dare to say that the side effects of Turinabol are some of the mildest when using anabolic steroids. However, it must be reported that use can have serious adverse effects on the cardiovascular system. This can be overseen for a healthy adult, but is something that you should take into account. It is not advisable as a choice for women to use, but certainly remains an option to consider. To inform you about the possible side effects of Turinabol, we have divided them into separate categories.

1. Estrogenic side effects of Oral turinabole

These side effects are not caused by Turinabol. This steroid does not aromatize at all and has no further characteristics related to progasteen. As a result, side effects such as gynecomastia and water retention can not occur. This further reduces the risk of high blood pressure, as this side effect in steroids is often linked to water retention.

2. Androgenic side effects of Orale Turinabole

Turinabol does not seem structurally displaying androgenic properties, but the amount of information at our disposal is not big enough in this. Since the steroid is no longer legally manufactured and will probably never happen again, this androgenic nature will probably remain a mystery. What we know is that it shows little androgenic properties, but it can not be said, as is done by others, that it is completely absent. Thus, androgenic side effects of Turinabol are unlikely, but possible. Such side effects consist of acne, more hair loss in a predisposition to male pattern baldness and excessive growth of body hair. All these effects are highly dependent on individual genetics, but can not be further influenced by inhibitors. For example, 5-alpha reductase inhibitors have little effect on the androgenic effect of this type of steroid, since they are not metabolised by the reductase enzyme 5-alpha. Female virilization When looking at the androgenic side effects of Turinabol, the female virilization symptoms are the most serious. Women have the ability to use this steroid without the appearance of virilization symptoms, but then the dose should be kept low. If not, virilization will undoubtedly occur. These symptoms include a deepening of the sound of the vocal cords, extra growth in body hair and an enlargement of the clitoris. If these symptoms start to occur, immediately stop taking Turinabol so that these symptoms disappear. If they are ignored, they may become irreversible.

3. Cardiovascular symptoms Turinabol can have a significant effect on cholesterol by raising the LDL level (the so-called ‘bad’ cholesterol) and reducing or suppressing the HDL values ​​(also known as ‘good’ cholesterol). This unfavorable effect on cholesterol is faster than with any other form of steroids that you can use. And while we want to call Turinabol far from a body-unfriendly steroid, it is very heavy for the body under this kind of steroids.High cholesterol If you suffer from high cholesterol, you should not use this steroids. If a lifestyle in which you have a positive influence on the cholesterol level is not for you, then we advise you to look for another type of steroid. For users who are disciplined enough to use, however, we recommend keeping the diet as free as possible from saturated fats and refined sugars. Make sure your diet is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. The daily recommended amount of fish oil is recommended. It is also a good plan to consider taking an antioxidant for cholesterol and to include cardiovascular training in your exercise regimen. If you are otherwise healthy and follow these instructions, you will rarely encounter this side effect without any further underlying problems.

4. Testosterone side effects Turinabol suppresses the natural production of testosterone in the human body and should be used in combination with non-body testosterone. Men who use Turinabol without non-body testosterone are at risk of developing a condition related to low testosterone levels. The symptoms are multifaceted and can vary from physically, mentally to sexually related. Although the physical symptoms are rare during steroid use, the other two are common side effects.Restart natural production testosteroneAfter stopping the use of Turinabol, the natural production of testosterone will resume. Nevertheless, the body’s levels are still very low at the beginning and a long period will be required to return to a good and healthy level. Therefore, people are encouraged to perform a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) or an after-treatment once steroid use is stopped. This treatment will greatly speed up the recovery process and protect your tissues. Without an after-cure it is possible that cortisol becomes dominant in the body, creating a period in which the destruction of muscle tissue and the production of fat is promoted. Although a cure promotes recovery, it will not get your levels back to normal. There is no cure on earth that can cause this. However, a well-timed treatment will considerably speed up the recovery process and ensure that you have enough testosterone to maintain good physical functioning, while your levels slowly increase again by natural means.Additional comments restart natural productionThere are a few additional comments to make about restarting the natural production of testosterone. It is assumed that the levels for the beginning of the cycle with anabolic steroids were normal. Furthermore, no serious damage to the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis (HPTA) should be caused by improper use of Turinabol. And as a final note, women do not experience the need to supplement their testosterone after dosages of this steroid.

5. Hepatotoxic side effects of Oral Turinabol

Since Turinabol is a C17-aa anabolic steroid, it is hepatotoxic (toxic to the liver). The liver enzyme levels in the blood increase because of the stress that the use causes for the liver. However, it is important to remember that these elevated values ​​are not immediately equivalent to damage to the liver, but rather an indication of increased stress. Turinabol is not the strongest or most toxic C17-aa anabolic steroid available, but certainly not the weakest. With good use it is possible to prevent liver damage.A healthy liverIf you are already suffering from liver related health issues, then you should not take Turinabol. However, if you are healthy enough for use, then you must ensure that you do everything to promote the health of your liver. Therefore, first of all, avoid excessive alcohol consumption. Excessive drinking causes extra stress for the liver and increases the chance of damage exponentially. In general, it is best not to drink at all. You should always keep in mind that alcohol is possibly the most performance-reducing substance on Earth and that the reason you use Turinabol is to improve this performance.

Over the counter medication of Oral Turinabol

In addition to avoiding alcohol, you should avoid all medication that is available without a prescription from drugstore and pharmacy. Many drugs sold without a prescription are highly hepatotoxic and their use should therefore be limited to the much needed. Furthermore, the intake of a liver detoxifying supplement is recommended.After stopping useIf you use the above-mentioned tips and have a healthy liver, then the enzyme values ​​that went up when you started using them will drop again shortly after use. The liver is one of the organs in the human body that has a remarkable capacity for rejuvenation. If you take the right steps and there are no underlying health problems, then no further damage can be done.

A Turinabol cure

A standard Turinabol cure for men normally has doses between 15 and 40 milligrams per day. This is a wide range, but with a dose of 15 to 20 milligrams there are nice effects. It can provide good synergy between other steroids and promote recovery when ‘stacking’. In addition, it increases your stamina. For a truly anabolic pick-up, most people will find the 40-milligram dose better every day. The total course normally lasts 6 to 8 weeks and can not pass the 8 weeks under any circumstances in order not to overload the liver. It is further recommended that no other C17-aa steroids be used in a period of 6 to 8 weeks after the expiry of a Turinabol cure. Turinabol ‘stacks’ well with other anabolic steroids, but should not be used at the same time as another C17-aa steroid.

Female cure with Oral Turinbaol

A standard female Turinabol cure normally has a dose of 2.5 to 5 milligrams per day. Virilization is very unlikely at such doses, but is practically guaranteed at a dose that goes above 5 milligrams daily. Keep in mind, however, that due to an individual sensitivity in some women, virilisation can still occur at a dose of between 2.5 and 5 milligrams per day. If this is the case, discontinue use immediately. The total course should be held within 4 to 6 weeks. This is at a responsible dosage that prevents virilization. Other steroids used by women are for example Anavar and Primobolon Depot, but never use Anavar together with Turinabol, as both are C17-aa anabolic steroids.

Availability of Oral Turinabol

The supply of Turinabol is not very large. It can sometimes be a very hard to find steroid. There is no other pharmaceutical or medical company in the world that still produces it. However, there are a number of underground or black market laboratories that currently make the connection available all over the world. It is a reasonably affordable steroid, but not very cheap compared to some other and more popular steroids. Buy Steroids online

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